Sunny and her Cochlear Implants

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Sunny and Her Cochlear Implants” is the first of six books. 

 Follow Sunny, a happy-go-lucky eight year old, who lives her life as a deaf child in a hearing world with hearing aids.  Suddenly, her life changes when her aids no longer help – but there is a solution.

Sunny is about hope, acceptance and a “can do” attitude.
 What the future holds for Sunny: 

“Sunny’s School Days”

“Sunny Goes to Summer Camp”

“Sunny Gets a Job”

“Sunny Buys a Horse”

“Sunny Enters a Horse Show”

 In these books, you will learn how Sunny uses special tools to live life as a deaf child living in a hearing world. These special tools include a vibrating alarm clock, flashing lights as signals for fire or a phone call or a door bell – and you will also learn about other tools and methods that can be used to meet the needs and overcome the obstacles of everyday life.
 Why Sunny was Created

 Susanna discovered there were not many children’s books on the market relating to hearing loss, cochlear implants and physical handicaps. She desired to create awareness about physical handicaps and that it can be shared with others.  Hopefully, it will inspire dialogue with the parents so that they will further educate their children about special people – especially those with physical, mental and emotional challenges. Susanna feels children need to learn that there are all kinds of children in the world and that some may be a little different from others; however, they should be encouraged to life their lives to the fullest like most children.


 Sunny’s Vision:

 Sunny hopes that by sharing her life with you, you will learn many things about yourself and others.  Most importantly, you will learn acceptance by others and that you can be a happy child in spite of being different. Sunny did not let hearing loss stop her from having a happy childhood and she hopes you don’t let your disabilities stop you from living your life to the fullest.  Sunny is also very grateful for her life and she wants you to focus on the positive elements with a “can do” attitude.


 About the Author

 Susanna Dussling was born on Long Island, New York. She and her parents and a younger brother moved to Houston, Texas (which she now calls home) when she was ten years old.

 Having completed high school with honors and college, she now works in management in the retail industry. Her favorite pastime is spent with her performance Arabian horses. Susanna also enjoys motivational speaking.

 The “Sunny” books are written with firsthand experience, based on the author’s life, as a deaf person who was raised in a hearing world. Given the tools, meeting people and gaining knowledge will help you reach your goals, no matter how big or small.

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