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"My Hearing Story" I was born profoundly deaf in both ears with a greater loss in the right ear. I began to wear hearing aids at the age of three. I did pretty well with the "aids." Yes, there were lots of challenges; however, I prevailed and I grew up in a "hearing world". Three years ago, my life completely changed. I suffered "sudden instant deafness" in my left ear. I thought my world ended. Now, I was completely deaf in my left ear and I hardly had any hearing in my right ear. At that moment in time, I was truly a "DEAF person." My life and work was in the "hearing world." I was panicked and upset. Then, I realized I had nothing to lose in obtaining a cochlear implant. I was implanted with a left CI. The rehabilitation process was slow, I hung in there and finally success with the CI. It is truly an awesome device. I hear better with the CI! I loved it so much, I had the other ear implanted. Wow! It is wonderful to hear sound! I am very passionate about Cochlear Implants and other "hard of hearing" issues. Thus, my ultimate goal in life is to "spread the word," as a "Hard of Hearing" Advocate and as a professional inspirational and educational speaker.

Sunny and her Cochlear Implants

 To buy “Sunny and her Cochlear Implants” go to Sunny and Her Cochlear Implants” is the first of six books.   Follow Sunny, a happy-go-lucky eight year old, who lives her life as a deaf child in a hearing world … Continue reading

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